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Firstly , Let’s talk the Knock Off Ray Ban Story :
The American sunglasses and eyeglasses brand was founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb. Known for its unique style and fashionable good looks, the company continues to gain popularity since its launch. Many celebrities are already a part of the brand’s cult following, those include supermodels, musicians and movie stars like Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Kate Moss, Simon Cowell, Cara Delevingne, Kylie Minogue or Tom Daley.

Knock Off Ray Ban


The Ray Ban Collections

With their optical frames, you can find a wide range of frame shapes to suit your features, personality and style. In their optical collection you will find the all-time favourites; Wayfarer, Aviator and Clubmaster. There’s also a wide range of frame styles to choose from i.e. cat eye frames, and round frames. As technology advances, so does the optical industry. Luckily for Ray Ban, technology and high-performance are key, distinctive elements of the brand’s Tech collection. With various models suitable for all face shapes, Ray-Ban Knock Off Ray Ban http://www.shoprban.com is the leading choice for people who are looking for timeless cool when choosing their eyewear.



Ray-Ban created the Original Wayfarer in 1952 and the RB 2140 has become an eyewear icon since and is still based on the same specification today as it was yesterday. The plastic Wayfarer design was a revolutionary break from the metal eyewear of the past. The Wayfarer has been called one of the most enduring fashion icons of the 20th century and one of the best selling sunglasses in history along with the Aviator.


Originally released in the ‘80s, the Clubmaster is the retro intellectual little brother of the more edgy Wayfarer. With the elegant tapering of the arms and the gentle curve of the lenses Clubmaster frames make themselves known for their retro styling, classic riveted frames and timeless design.


Carbon Fibre/Carbon Lite

Despite the slim appearance, these frames pack a real punch. They have a greater strength-to-weight ratio. The slim wrapping frame arms are made of water-cut carbon sheets mixed with a special resin; this ensures that the frames stay flexible and impact resistant.

The inside of the frame arm has special grips to help the temples stay securely in place. Rubber is injected into the end pieces of the frame arms to provide extra grip and support. Carbon is a material that does not react with any other material. If you are allergic to nickel or other metal frames, try the Carbon Fibre collection.


Once you’re ready to run (or jog or bike) Knock Off Ray Ban will act as a virtual workout coach. The Pace system will offer updates on your speed and stride, along with ways to improve. You can also ask for information directly. When you’re ready to stop just say that you’re finished, and if you haven’t completed the planned workout the sunglasses will urge you to keep going.

Do you Think Ray-Ban Is Officially the Coolest Fashion Brand ?

A New Study Says Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses is the Coolest Fashion glasses ,Do you agree ?

In your opinion, what makes one fashion brand “cooler” than another? Is it the celebs who wear a given label’s clothing or accessories? Or maybe it has something to do with exclusivity?

Well, according to a new list from the U.K.-based company Cool Brands, Ray-Ban was chosen as the coolest fashion brand in Britain. The girl you see below definitely makes her case for Ray-Ban, don’t you think? Fittingly, she was just photographed on the street at London Fashion Week.

Is the sun so bright that you ‘gotta’ wear shades? You need them, and Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet can offer them . Do you need a new pair of fashion eyeglasses? Yeah, Ray Ban have those too. Ray Ban is here to help you stay en vogue and ban the sun’s harmful rays with our collection of Ray Ban sunglasses and eyeglasses. Everyone love’s a little bit of stylishness, and you can never go wrong with a classic. Offering both women’s sunglasses and men’s sunglasses, Ray Ban has been a style-conscious and trusted provider of sun protective and decorative eyewear for over 70 years. This sought-after brand offers polarized lenses, 100% UV protection, and the classic styling you are looking for. The collection’s variety of fashion eyeglasses is sure to elevate your look. Of course, the unmistakable Ray Ban logo is proudly featured on every pair, whether you’re sporting the sunglasses or regular eyewear.

How much do you know the Designer Replica Ray Ban ?

Shade your eyes today with a Designer Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses and try a pair of the iconic aviator sunglasses. The company launched debuting the aviator shades nearly 80 years ago, but today Ray-Ban supplies more than just its signature sunglasses. Ray-Ban features a large inventory that includes unique materials like supple leather and soft velvet. With its many styles and shapes, Ray-Ban carries a variety of selections that even include prescription eyeglasses and gradient lenses that fade from light to dark. Before using Ray-Ban coupons “try on” prospective eyewear using your webcam on the site’s virtual mirror.

Tom Cruise may have helped the popularity of aviators after rocking them as Maverick in “Top Gun”, but aviators have been favorites among police officers, fishermen, and pilots for decades. Thirty-four years after the Wright brothers flew for the first time, pilots still struggled with sun-blindness. On May 7, 1937 Ray-Ban was born and patented the solution – the iconic aviator sunglasses. Ray-Ban didn’t rest on the laurels of this, though, and continued making breakthroughs in the industry with impact-resistant and anti-reflective lenses to frames fashioned from gold or leather.

Today, Ray-Ban‘s creativity continues to be the driving force behind its fashions. Use a Ray-Ban coupon and cruise the new Cosmo line, which is a colorful selection of sunglass frames and lenses inspired by the solar system. If that’s not your style, check out the company’s Remix station and create your very own shades. Choose from a retro or modern frame and personalize it with a variety of colors and lenses – you can even custom engrave the temple tips and protective case.

Glide through the summer in some of these classic aviators or aid your eyes with some chic, square glasses. Take advantage of a Ray Ban promo code from Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet before you selecting your next pair.

Fashion styles Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men

One of the most recognizable names in Ray Ban Sunglasses Online , Ray-Ban has long been a go-to men’s fashion accessory for those who want fashionable eye protection from the sun. With the wide array of styles available, a consumer may want to take some time to get to know these glasses in greater detail. By exploring some of the top Ray-Bans out there for men, the buyer can make a more informed decision when seeking a new pair.

  1. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic

A retro style design from the 1950s, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic  features a browline frame, meaning that a thick acetate frame runs across the top of the glasses while a thin and nearly invisible wire frame supports the bottom of the lenses. Variations on the Classic design include the Clubmaster Aluminum, which has the same form factor with a metal frame.

  1. Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

Based on a design drafted for flyboys in 1936, the Ray-Ban Aviator Classic is one of the most timelessly cool designs in sunglasses. The Aviator Classic features a gold wire frame, but a buyer can find variations on the original Aviator with different frame materials. Lens options include crystal brown, crystal green, and Ray-Ban’s G-5 polarized lenses.

  1. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic

With their iconic trapezoidal frame and thick arms, Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic sunglasses, along with Ray-Ban Aviators, are some of the most recognizable sunglasses around. The Classic version comes with a black acetate frame, but the consumer can also find them in a tortoiseshell frame or with Ray-Ban flash lenses for a bolder look.

  1. Ray-Ban Meteor

Vintage and modern all at once, these 1960s era rocker glasses feature a unique squared-off frame in retro tortoiseshell that is like a more controlled version of the Wayfarer. A buyer can also look for the Ray-Ban Meteor in black for an even cooler appearance.

  1. Ray-Ban Caravan

A modification on the teardrop design of the Aviator, the Ray-Ban Caravan is like a more geometric version of those wire-rimmed classics. The trapezoidal lens shape on the Caravan creates a more assertive profile. Versions with either a gold or silver frame are an option.

  1. Ray-Ban Gatsby

An item from the Fashion Ray Ban vintage catalog, the Ray-Ban Gatsby has a look straight out of a Fitzgerald novel . Rounded lenses and a slender frame make these elegant sunglasses work well in a range of environments. The wearer should keep an eye out for the particularly distinct Style Four, which features a contrasting gold nose bridge.

Replica Ray-Ban Sunglasses celebration 75 years

When it comes to Ray Ban sunglasses Sale, there are some frame shapes that never go out of style: wayfarers, clubmasters and aviators. And Ray-Ban, who celebrate their 75th anniversary this year, remain the go-to brand for connoisseurs of this perennially cool trinity. To celebrate the milestone (and perhaps with one eye on the rumoured Top Gun sequel in the works), Ray-Ban are about to release this capsule collection of four limited edition aviator styles with ambermatic lenses.

The history of the Ray-Ban aviator dates back to 1929 when General John MacCready, a US army Air Corps lieutenant, commissioned a team of technical design experts to create army pilot goggles that would stop his men suffering headaches and nausea caused by glare at altitude.

Originally known as ‘Anti-Glare’, the glasses were soon rebranded to emphasise how this new accessory could effectively block (Ban) sun rays (Ray). With foresight, the company saw an opportunity to bring their frames to the masses, and in 1937 the Ray-Ban Aviator was born, becoming an instant classic. A status they’ve retained ever since.

Always innovating, Ray-Ban introduced the light-sensitive photochromic lens in 1978. ‘Ambermatic’ is a special yellow lens that darkens depending on light and temperature conditions. By transitioning from yellow to brown, the lens technology blocks glare and highlights outlines and shapes, even in the snow.

The newly launched ambermatic aviators will be available at Sunglass Hut from June. Hopefully by then we’ll have some sun.

Here, MH takes a sepia-tinted walk down memory lane to pick out our favourite Ray-Ban styles over the last 75 years…

As Ray-Ban Sunglasses outlet celebrate their 75th year, we select our favourite frames, from 1937 to the present day.