Ray bans – the famous glasses brand

Fake sunglasses online, Before learning how to make an old brand relevant or propose a rebranding strategy, it’s important to understand branding itself.

A brand can be thought of as the visual representation of your business, service or product. Think in the lines of website design, slogan design, logo, name and video production. The aim of these brand instigators is to create awareness and popularity as well as making your business recognizable. Branding is a visual form of advertising that will allow the consumer to create a familiarity with the product fake sunglasses online or service.

Companies that have been in the business for a long time will be able to tell you that there is a science behind creating the right branding package. Your brand’s logo and design will need to adapt to the trends and pop culture of its timeframe. A strong brand creates a recipe to stay relevant and current with the times. So how do you stay ‘new’ when you are age-old? Ray-Ban, who is known for its designer sunglasses, has such a strategy in place that allowed them to practice successful rebranding for over 75-years.

One thing that Ray-Ban learned sooner rather than later is the tremendous importance of technology in branding. Ray-Ban understands that the only way to truly stay with the times is to be in the ‘now’ with what is going on with technology trends and developments.

For this leading sun-wear company the expression of individuality is of high importance, the brand wants to create timeless eyewear fashion while still staying relevant with currents trends and styles. The most popular sunglasses created by this brand include the Aviator, the Wayfarer and the ray bans Clubmaster these have managed to stay unique while becoming classics.

What makes Ray-Ban different from its competitors is the fact that the brand produces the sunglasses first and foremost, it’s not a designer name trying to design sunglasses, but the name itself is synonymous with sunwear. This brand is not associated with a particular age group, nationality or sex, it’s universal and this is part of what determines its success.

replica Ray-Ban sunglasses values their consumer and they want to make the purchasing process as accessible and easy as possible. The company now has an e-commerce site in place as well as a virtual ‘try on’ function. It is about communicating with your audience in the way that they communicate with each other

How rayban glasses protect your eyes

How Fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses pprotect your eyes ? This is a question, which pops-up quite often among shade buyers: are all Ray-Ban sunglasses UV protected? The answer to this question is yes, all Ray-Bans have UV protection. However, not all Ray-Bans provide the same UV protection – depending on the coating of the lenses, there are shades which provide up to 100% UV protection, while other lenses allow a quarter of the light to reach the eyes.

UV protection in Ray-Ban shades

To verify if your pair of Ray Bans fake is genuine and that it does have the required protection, check for the CE mark on the lenses, which guarantees the fact your lenses provide UV protection.

The next step is to find out what other types of protection you can benefit from a pair of genuine Ray-Bans, like the ones featured on ShadeDaddy.com

One of the famous advantages of a Ray-Ban is the mirror effect, also called flash lenses effect. This provides extra protection from reflective surfaces, like ice, snow and water. This means that you will be able to look at reflective surfaces, like your freshly waxed car, without the cringe effect due to glare

Polarized lenses in Ray-Ban shades

Another special coating which helps you keep your eyesight healthy and sharp is the polarized effect. Polarized lenses of a Ray-Ban are made of high-quality crystal or plastic, which makes them bright and light, so you can hardly notice that you wear sunglasses. Also, polarized lenses block up to 100% of the light waves, which would otherwise enter your eye and might lead to eyesight loss or irritation. Polarized lenses also provide high protection against blue light, plus a lower transmission of the total light towards the eyes. While you wear your pair of high-quality Ray-Ban shades only 15% of visible light reaches your eyes.

Increased endurance

Both crystal and plastic lenses of Ray-Ban outlet are being tested for durability and resistance. The company began testing their products before the laws made the procedure mandatory, as Ray-Ban was and still is a staple of high-quality. Their lenses have a superior resistance to scratches and impact, so you can rest assured that your pair of glasses will “survive” if it makes contact with the floor by accident.

Now that you know everything about fake Ray Ban sunglasses sale lenses, you can start shopping for your pair of sunglasses at ShadesDaddy.com being certain that you will have a long and productive relationship with your new shades, as they are built to protect your eyes and look awesome in the process.