Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses suit any face shapes.

Ray Ban Sunglasses Wholesale here will bring you Happy, Similar to Cat Eye Sunglasses, Wayfarers have a horizontally long brow frame – which is a fresh air among the endless sea of squares and round frames. However, what really sets Wayfarer sunglasses apart from the bunch is the very distinctive trapezoidal frame, giving a sturdy and masculine look. Now I know that’s a bit off from Classy fashion – but they can perk up your look, creating a chic juxtaposition with Classic and Romantic clothing styles. Think Wayfarer sunnies with a girly floral dress and timeless blazer. Yup, that unexpected twist is chic style at its best!


We can all thank Ray-Ban (and of course, American optical designer Raymond Stegeman) for designing the Wayfarer sunglasses – giving us fashionistas a reason to “edgify” our look and add casual-cool to our ensembles. And although Wayfarers have been through a couple of slumpy times during the past 60 years, outcompeted by other frame shapes – rest assured, in this new fashion era of self-expression and individuality – these bad babies are here to stay!

Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale Will it Suit My Face Shape?

Like cat eyes, Wayfarers look best with bottom-heavy face shapes (or a face with a wide jawline) such as Triangular, Round and Square. So keep in mind that if you have a wide forehead (a Heart or Inverted Triangle face like Scarlett Johansson) the trapezoidal frame will emphasize your face shape.


Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses online ,However there are several ways to make it work for you regardless of the shape of your face. Look for other details that will help flatter your face shape. For example, the size and style of the brow bar, rim and nose bridge. Click here to learn more about styling your face shape.