Fashion styles Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men

One of the most recognizable names in Ray Ban Sunglasses Online , Ray-Ban has long been a go-to men’s fashion accessory for those who want fashionable eye protection from the sun. With the wide array of styles available, a consumer may want to take some time to get to know these glasses in greater detail. By exploring some of the top Ray-Bans out there for men, the buyer can make a more informed decision when seeking a new pair.

  1. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic

A retro style design from the 1950s, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic  features a browline frame, meaning that a thick acetate frame runs across the top of the glasses while a thin and nearly invisible wire frame supports the bottom of the lenses. Variations on the Classic design include the Clubmaster Aluminum, which has the same form factor with a metal frame.

  1. Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

Based on a design drafted for flyboys in 1936, the Ray-Ban Aviator Classic is one of the most timelessly cool designs in sunglasses. The Aviator Classic features a gold wire frame, but a buyer can find variations on the original Aviator with different frame materials. Lens options include crystal brown, crystal green, and Ray-Ban’s G-5 polarized lenses.

  1. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic

With their iconic trapezoidal frame and thick arms, Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic sunglasses, along with Ray-Ban Aviators, are some of the most recognizable sunglasses around. The Classic version comes with a black acetate frame, but the consumer can also find them in a tortoiseshell frame or with Ray-Ban flash lenses for a bolder look.

  1. Ray-Ban Meteor

Vintage and modern all at once, these 1960s era rocker glasses feature a unique squared-off frame in retro tortoiseshell that is like a more controlled version of the Wayfarer. A buyer can also look for the Ray-Ban Meteor in black for an even cooler appearance.

  1. Ray-Ban Caravan

A modification on the teardrop design of the Aviator, the Ray-Ban Caravan is like a more geometric version of those wire-rimmed classics. The trapezoidal lens shape on the Caravan creates a more assertive profile. Versions with either a gold or silver frame are an option.

  1. Ray-Ban Gatsby

An item from the Fashion Ray Ban vintage catalog, the Ray-Ban Gatsby has a look straight out of a Fitzgerald novel . Rounded lenses and a slender frame make these elegant sunglasses work well in a range of environments. The wearer should keep an eye out for the particularly distinct Style Four, which features a contrasting gold nose bridge.