How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for Golfing ?

Green grass, tee times, mulligans, eagles, and more comprise the game of golf, and being that it’s all under the sun, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Online or Golf glasses are an essential addition to the mix. With the right pair of golf sunglasses, you get the protection you need so that you can read the green with the most precise vision on the course. Choose from a collection of golf brands like Adidas, Oakley, Ray Ban , Nike, and more, when you shop for your golf sunglasses or golf Rx sunglasses online .

One question many golfers ask themselves is whether it’s worth it to invest in an expensive pair of designer shades for the green. While we can’t answer this question for individuals, we can give them some advice as to what features to look for in a high quality pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale Online

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Finding the Right Lens Color for Golfing

Lens coloration may seem unimportant to a casual bystander, but certain shades of lenses have a higher visual clarity in certain environments.

–Brown Tints : In bright, sunny environments with lots of green (a golf course for example) brown tints are known to be particularly beneficial since they are known to increase the contrast in green colors, and are optimal for depth perception and distance viewing.

–Gray Tints : While not quite as optimal for sports as brown tints are, gray and non-colored tints are still effective as a more generic lens shading for golfers.


For golfers, frame shape and style serves an important overall role in performance and vision. It’s very important is that frames won’t jostle around on one’s head while swinging, as constant readjusting can distract a competitor from his or her game. While golfers wear all different types of sunglasses, the most common frame styles golfers wear are aviator and wraparound athletic sunglasses.

— Athletic sunglasses : Athletic sunglasses typically feature superior optical qualities, a lightweight, comfortable fit,  and a wide lens that’s ideal for golf enthusiasts. The only major downfall of athletic sunglasses is that they’re not as practical for every-day wear when not on a golf course.

— Aviators Sunglasses : Aviators are a great option for outdoor enthusiasts who want a more fashionable and versatile pair of sunglasses.Aviators are light, durable, fashionable, and traditionally have over-sized lenses that give a wide range of vision and sun protection.


While not all sunglasses are ideal for men and women, the Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Online for shopping for golf sunglasses apply equally for both men and women. For our personal recommendation, we love the Ray Ban Brown tints and Athletic sunglasses.